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 Maggda Phontain - Bio

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PostSubject: Maggda Phontain - Bio   Sat Aug 13, 2011 4:33 am

Maggda Phontain - Bio

Ht: 5'11"
Wt: 180 LBS. (Very slim and well built woman, Orc bones and muscles are very dense compared to a human.)
Age: 55 years

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black and quill like
Complexion: Light pale green, very few mottle skin plates.

Race: Orc with mixed human ancestry.

Oldest living matriarch of the Thundering howl clan of orcs, sister to the from chief and aunt to the current chief and king of Orc-dom Alexei Thundering Howl (formerly known as Eddie or Fenrir Ulfir).

She has just recently been married to the new Thundering howl Merlin a one Gregor "Igor" Phontain. This is her second marriage her first husband having died in the battle of the black forest 20 years ago. The death of her first husband and the lose of her only son a few years later has caused her to age slightly physically, a orc of her age should resemble a human in their early 30s. Maggda appears to be a well kept woman in he early 40s instead. This is by no means to say she isn't attractive; she is a beautiful woman still. Her human ancestry is most evident in her face features and physical build. Maggda's tusks are less pronounced and she has a decidedly human structure to her nose and a much slimmer body design over the more heavy muscled orc frame. She does have the standard orc organ redundancy and resin like blood.

Maggda's marriage to Gregor was a political step by Alexei to cement the bonds between his tribe and Gregor, a human vulgar mage and monster hunter employed by the I.B.P.H.

Maggda is a fierce warrior in her own right and a very proficient medicine woman, knowing a great deal of Orcish healing lore and holistic medicines.
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Maggda Phontain - Bio
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