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 Gunslinger – Prestige Class

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Jack Malice
Jack Malice

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PostSubject: Gunslinger – Prestige Class   Fri Aug 12, 2011 10:04 pm

Gunslinger – Prestige Class

The two fisted gunslinger of old; fast, agile, and lethal the Gunslinger uses his pistols to lay his foes low. A master of the quick draw, trick shots, and two fisted death; some gunslingers work in circus or fairs, maybe as a mercenary. All live by the iron and die by the lead.

Hit dice: d6
Skills: 6+int mod


4 ranks of Intimidation, Dexterity score of 14, Constitution score of 14; Base Attack bonus of +5, Weapon Proficient in at least 1 pistol; revolver or automatic pistol. Weapon Focus in either pistol or automatic pistol. These pistols become the Gunslingers Signature weapon.

Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Defense Bonus Special
1+1+0+1+1+1Two weapon fighting (handguns), Quick draw, trick draw
2+2+1+2+2+2Rapid reload, Rapid fire, Bonus feat
3+3+2+4+2+3Ricochet shot, Improved Two Weapon fighting
4+4+2+5+3+4Shot on the move, Blind firing, Bonus Feat
5+5+3+6+3+5Holly Wood Magazine, Do you feel lucky punk?

Class Features:

Two weapon fighting (handguns): When the Gunslinger is using her signature weapons she can duel wield them at 0/-2

Quick Draw: Can draw her pistols as a free action.

Trick Draw: Can perform feats of amazing dexterity when drawing or holstering her weapons. This can be used to dazzle a foe or intimidate them.

Rapid reload: Reload as a free action.

Rapid Fire: If firing only one of her signature pistols two handed the gun slinger and fighter at an extremely high rate of speed. This will expend all the rounds in either the cylinder or magazine in one round causing 1d6x10 damage. This ability can only be preformed once per encounter.
Ricochet shot: The Gunslinger can bonus shots off to strike targets that are taking cover. The shot is preformed at -4 to hit + the Gunslingers level.

Improved Two weapon fighting (handguns): When the Gunslinger is using her signature weapons she can duel wield them at 0/0 penalty.
Shot on the move: The Gunslinger suffers no penalty if firing when on the run.

Blind Firing: The Gunslinger can fire her signature weapons while blinded at only a -2 to strike.

Holly Wood Magazine: The Gun Slinger always seems to have more ammo for her signature weapon. Where does it all come from? Charisma check + IGM levels DC 10 to find extra ammo for her signature weapon.

Do you feel lucky punk: The Gunslinger always knows exactly how many rounds are left within her signature weapon at all times.
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Gunslinger – Prestige Class
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