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 The Lesser Undead

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Jack Malice
Jack Malice

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PostSubject: The Lesser Undead   Sat Aug 13, 2011 5:19 pm

1. Zombie

 Infectious: Yes
 Origins: Vampires are known to create as well as many others
 Description: Slow and stupid, but very contagious. Relatively easy to take down, either destroy the head or reduce to ash. Beware fresh ones burn slow
 PuFF: Approx 2,000 a head

2. Voodoo Zombie
 Infectious: Limited
 Origins: practitioners of voodoo
 Description: Their bite is not always contagious but they are faster and stronger, not really any more intelligent. It is best to find the practitioner of Voodoo killing them will usually bring down the zombies.
 PuFF: Approx 2,500 a head (See Voodoo for practitioners)

3. Ghoul
 Infectious: no
 Origins: Unknown
 Description: Carrion feeders found most often in cemeteries and other place a large mass of dead flesh can be found. Best dealt with from a distance like most undead with the joint break down method. Pack hunter.
 PuFF: Approx 25,000 a head

4. Ghast
 Infectious: no
 Origins: Unknown, thought to be a subspecies of ghoul.
 Description: Cousin to the Ghoul, characterized by its strong and often noxious stench. Often bigger and stronger then a garden variety of ghoul.
 PuFF: Approx: 60,000 a head

5. Wight
 Infectious: No
 Origins: Unknown, thought to possibly be a advanced ghoul.
 Armed with large black teeth and claws that are harder then steel this bad boy is faster than a lion and as strong as a rhino. Do not engage in hand to hand, it has a paralytic touch that can affect you through your body armor.
 PuFF: Approx: 160,000 a head.

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The Lesser Undead
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