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 King Alexei "Eddie or Fenrir Ulfir" Thundering Howl - Bio

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Jack Malice
Jack Malice

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PostSubject: King Alexei "Eddie or Fenrir Ulfir" Thundering Howl - Bio   Sun Aug 14, 2011 12:19 am

King Alexei "Eddie or Fenrir Ulfir" Thundering Howl - Bio

Ht: Originally 5'6" Currently 7'2"
Wt: Originally :165 LBS. Currently 675 LBS.
Age: 18 calender years (Apparent age: 26)

Eyes: Bright white with a violent tint
Hair: Originality dyed black; currently Honey Blonde

Max Bench press:1,350 Pounds calm, Angry: Unknow.
Favored Weapon: The Great Stone Fist of Thundering Howl.

Complexion: Originally Pale hidden under a green dye job; Currently Tanned
Race: Human - Orc Hybrid.

Some know him as Eddie, others and Fenrir ulfir; today most call him King. Alexei was the first son born to Burtorck Thundering Howl the chief of Thunder Howl clan till his death in a Elf raid on their home in the black forest in Germany. Harbinger was present during the attack and did his best to prevent the deaths of as many Orcs as possible. After the battle he made arrangements to transplant the decimated tribe to his lands in the Unite States.

Known as Fenrir Ulfir at this time by his family and the nicknamed Eddie by members of I.B.P.H. due to his resemblance to Eddie Munster he was born directly after the tribes harrowing flight to safety in the US, under Harbinger's protection.

Like a great deal of Orc Human hybrids Eddie suffered several genetic abnormalities. His complexion, facial structure, and hair were that of a human wrapped around an orc physiology. A handsome youth by human standards, but thin and puny by orc standards with undersized female like tusks. Most notably of Ulfir's genetic defects was he was born stone deaf. Unable to hear any sound through his ears and as well a strange reconstruction of his eyes that allows him to at night see into the infra-red and ultra-violet spectrum. With the correct polarizing lens he is able to see normally, but is forced to wear thick dark lens or suffer from brutal pain during the day light hours. From birth his mother and Aunt hide his pale skin and hair, dying them both green and black respectively to allow the already different child some semblance of fitting in. After his mother's suspicious death Eddie's Aunt Maggda continue to support and hide her nephew's secrets. Milo of the I.B.P.H. would later try and combat Eddie's hearing issues with cochlear implants that turned into a large Ipod playing device that latter allowed Eddie some semblance of hearing based on how outside sound effected the vibrations of the music played directly into his skull.

Eddie's younger brother would supplant him later as the leader of the tribe due to the technicality that as a full orc he matured much faster and was a able to take his rite of manhood first. Hence being the oldest under Orc tribal law. As a man's age begins on that day he completes the rite.

But this didn't not prevent Eddie who under his Brother's rule was now a second class entity for becoming a devastating warrior. Eddie was forced to live outside the Orc collective, making his home under a large tree outside the orc village. Skippy Decreed that none would teach Eddie to read nor write, homing that by keeping him ignorant he would provent him from challenging Skippy's power. Eddie would eventually become Harbinger's chief covert ops agent. Wally Harbingers right hand man often referred to Eddie as a Viking Ninja. Eddie used his fighting skills and weapons inherited from his uncle and others gifted by his third brother to 'assassinate' 15 master vampires under harbinger's direction for the I.B.P.H.

Eddie's Life would completely change after a mission to Mexico to destroy a nest of Chupa Cabra. His new friends would propel his life in a completely new direction. After Taking up the lost "Stone Fist" of his great ancestor; A massive stone hammer encased in a block of ice by the one and only Merlin he was anointed King of the Orcs and renamed Alexei by his friend Gregor Phontain who Eddie named his new Merlin. (For more information on Orc interpretation of Arthurian Legend please refer to Eddie's Ipad ramblings) The hammer has cause a massive change in Eddie's physical appearance causing him grow to his new current size and mass. The transformation has repaired his hearing and adjusted his eyes so he can shift them with out the need of tinted lens during the day.

Eddie is currently Engaged to be married to Elizabeth "Daisy" Masters, Kim "Kicks" Ito, and Tran-La of the crossed bone tribe of orcs. (Orc law allows a male orc to have up to 6 wives and the King is expected to have no less then 12 wives. Currently Alexei has none and is only engaged.) Eddie was engaged to two other clan chieftains daughters but they fled with their fathers after a surprise attack by elves destroyed the orc camp on the I.B.P.H. compound. Only the Crossed bones stayed to fight which cost that tribe most of their warriors. Out of the 35 warriors they had only 5 survived and 1 of there warriors will never be fit for battle again.

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Jack Malice
Jack Malice

Posts : 119
Join date : 2011-08-12
Age : 76
Location : Hell

PostSubject: King Alexei "Eddie or Fenrir Ulfir" Thundering Howl - Bio - Update   Tue Aug 23, 2011 11:52 pm

King Alexei has been married!

He has taken to wife all three of his betrothed. He has yet to find the marriage bed as he has yet to provide them with their proper bride gifts. He knows what to give them, but it will take some time to make the arrangements.

He has currently Accepted all Orcs that wish to follow him as king but only 4 tribes have been official recognized as part of his court with only the daughter of Crossbones chief taken as wife.

High Tribes at this time:
The Crossbones, originally a biker gang out of Austin, TX.
    Leader:Crux trogg A.K.A. Spike; Has been made High Sheriff and Lord Protector of the Orcish lands surrounding the I.B.P.H. compound.

Recognized tribes with no official status at this time:
Road Rash, originally a biker gang out of South West of the U.S.A.
    Leader:Ramon Granntrugg A.K.A. Raymond; Currently no court position

Blood Adders, originally a biker gang out of Florida
    Leader:Attrainic SertpineA.K.A. Snake; Currently no court position

Red Axles, originally a biker gang out of up-state New York.
    Leader:Paultric Manhole A.K.A. Pauli; Currently no court position

Frozen Howls, originally a biker gang out of North West of the U.S.A and Alaska.
    Leader:Gunther Tinhetig A.K.A. Gunner; Currently no court position

Stricken Tribes:
The Bent Shields and Skull Splitters have been stricken from the histories of Orc-Kind for their cowardice at the "Battle of Sorrows".

Tribes at war:
Know as the False Stone fists or Mud Hands; this tribe is lead by Skippy Alexei's exiled brother. They currently make their home some where in Siberia.

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King Alexei "Eddie or Fenrir Ulfir" Thundering Howl - Bio
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