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 Insane Gun Men – Prestige Class

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Jack Malice
Jack Malice

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PostSubject: Insane Gun Men – Prestige Class   Fri Aug 12, 2011 10:07 pm

Insane Gun Men – Prestige Class

Sometimes a situation calls for a mad man with a gun. Be they the point man for a tactical team or just a gun wielding nut job, the insane gun men can silence a room with raging boom of his little friend and cause the most stoic foe into fits of rage with is razor tongue.

Hit dice: d10
Skills: 4+int mod

6 ranks of Intimidation, Charisma score of 14, Constitution score of 16
Base Attack bonus of +5, Weapon Proficient in at least 1 ranged weapon
Weapon Focus in either shot gun or automatic rifle of choice. This weapon becomes the signature weapon for the Insane Gun Men.

Level Base Attack Bonus Fort SaveRef SaveWill SaveDefense BonusSpecial
1+1+2+2+0+1A strong offense is the best defense, In Your Face!
2+2+3+2+1+2Rapid reload, Come get some, Bonus Feat.
3+3+4+3+2+3Say hello to my little friend
4+4+5+3+2+4Mass intimidation, Bonus Feat
5+5+6+4+3+5Holly Wood Magazine, Never let them see you bleed.

Class Features:
A Strong offense is the best defense: As long as the insane Gun men (IGM) is moving forward and attacking with his Signature weapon the IGM can add his IGM level to his defense.

In Your Face!: The IGM gains a butt stroke attack as a free action that deals 1d6 +STR+ IGM level. The IGM can perform this attack as often as he wish but only perform it as a free action a number of times per encounter equal to his IGM level.

Rapid Reload: Reloading his signature weapon becomes a free action.
Come get some: The IGM can make use of his skills at intimidation and to incite a foe to anger. The IGM intimidation check versus the targets will save. If the target fails they are forced to attack the IGM for 1d6 + IGM levels rounds but at a -2 to all attacks.

Say hello to my little friend: The IGM can take up a defensive stance to meet a rushing enemy. If the IGM takes up a defensive stance all bonus granted by the stances apply until he has moved 10 feet from where he began the stance. While in this Defensive stance the IGM is at a -4 to his defensive but able to withstand normal damage he would normally take. Gaining his level of IGM as a Damage Reduction. He also cannot be moved from the spot he has planets feet unless killed. All attacks made by the IGM gain a bonus equal the IGM level. This ability can only be used one time per encounter.

Mass Intimidation: The IGM can cow a room of foes with just his presence and smart ass swagger. IGM Intimidation versus all foes will save. Those that fail will not attack the IGM unless pressed; those that do attack will attack at a -4 to all attacks for 1d6+ IGM levels.

Holly Wood Magazine: The IGM always seems to have more ammo for his signature weapon. Where does it all come from? Charisma check + IGM levels DC 10 to find extra ammo for his signature weapon.

Never let them see you bleed: The IGM can use his intimidation skills to hide his pain and injuries looking to be his peak of health while he is near death. - The IGM intimidation check versus the targets will save.
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Insane Gun Men – Prestige Class
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