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I was born in NY. Not in the slums, or the Hood, but on the upper east side, where my house WAS the block. Son of a rocket scientist and politician, I am by no means a stranger to wealth. Due to this, I only got he best. the best education, the best food, the best cars, the best planes, and the best "in" for becoming President of the United States of America. I was always told that "power makes you remembered, and without it, you are nothing to no one". I was taught that mankind needed a hierarchy of people in power in order to function correctly, and it was my destiny to continue the family tradition (because one person makes a tradition) of ascertaining that power. So for as long as I could remember, it was my goal to be the President of the United States.

After attending Princeton with a MS in Political Science, I joined the Army as a "butter bar", and spent my 8 years in the military, as being a veteran seems to help people get elected. After I spent my 8, I went to Illinois, where I had hoped to get a fresh start and work my way through their government (as I had already started putting my teachings to good use, and used too many people in New York to further myself, that it would be extremely difficult to get into even the state government.) Once there I immediately made a push for mayor of Springfield, then Governor of Illinois. The people of Illinois loved Me (well mostly, Chicago is full of lunatics) and it was here where I came up with is catch phrase and campaign slogan "I'm sure we can make a deal" After my max terms, I decided to run for Congress on the National level, to help my platform and renown for Senate and Presidency. However running for congress was more difficult than I thought, and this resulted in many late nights in the election center. One night, after working late, I walked to my car and was about to go home, when I was assaulted and drugged.

When I came too, I was in a Hotel Room of the Marriott in Downtown Chicago (see what I mean about Chicago being full of lunatics?) there was a video camera, and three scantly clad women in the room. I was tied down (literally with my ties) and drugged up (literally, "up") One of the women was filming, One was "entertaining" me, and one snorting coke on the table. Once I realized what was happening, I tried to do the one thing I was good at, charming and negotiating. when this didn't work, I decided to resort to brute force. After managing to break free and getting the first woman off of me, I lunged for the camera. trying to destroy the evidence and get out of there to save my political career. while this was going on, the third woman, who was doing coke rose from her chair, walked over the the first woman, softly caressed her, ... and then bit her in the neck. The scream forced camera lady and I to become quick friends, and fight for our lives. while the camera lady fought off the Vampire, I lunged for the phone and made a call to 911, and then hotel security, when the line went dead in the middle of that call. Once i was done with the calls, I saw that the vampire was no where to be seen, and there was two lifeless bodies in the room. I ran for the door, when I found it was bolted shut, from the outside, cutting off my only escape. when I turned around to lock myself in the bathroom, I was assaulted by the vampire and managed to fight her off, not killing her, but stunning her as I threw her against the windows to the balcony. That's when things got bad, as the other two women got up and started to attack me. Not seeing any other alternative, I locked myself in the bathroom and took the back off the toilet, and armed myself. I heard a crash outside the bathroom, and the steady "thunk thunk thunk thunk" some weapon being discharged. a few minutes later, and several screeches, there was a loud bang on my door, another "thunk" and a wooden stake went through the door, nearly hitting me, covered with blood. the door was busted down, and Harbinger, with his armor and weapon gleaming with blood, found me readied with a toilet bowl tank lid. When I didn't attack, and he didn't shoot, I proceeded to pass out, due to the exertion and drugs taking a toll on my body.

When I came too again, I was in the Infermery in the compound, and I heard that I was clean from bites or damage, with the exception of a couple splinters and scrapes from the door, when Harbinger told me about the I.B.P.H. Once I got dressed, I was immediately sent to the Armory and sent to a conference room, where I first met the group. We were sent to Mexico to defeat the Chupracabra infestation. While on the Pyramid, I was killed, and I found myself in a graveyard, with St. Michael sitting on my gravestone saying it wasn't my time. He gave me five options. Becoming a Zombie, Becoming a Shadow, Becoming a Vampire, Letting the party try to resurrect me, or just die. When i inquired about how the vampire option was in fact an option, I was informed that I was nicked by one of the vampires, and it escaped detection as it blended in and looked like the other scrapes and injuries on my body. Seeing that my team was being slaughtered by the assailant, I chose the only option that made since to help my group, Vampire. when I came back, I jumped on the Shadow, and drained him, then immediately started to meditate to control my urges. When inquired, I said i was here to help the party, which WAS true. However I had plans otherwise, while still remaining friends with the party. Once our mission was complete, we started to return to the base, when I forgot the compound was consecrated ground, and I teleported with three members of the crew in the helicopter I was in. I lost one of those members, but the rest I firmly had as we drifted away north, where I haven't been seen or heard from since.
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