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 Penny Kinkaide - The Hunt For the Prize - (Solo Adventure)

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Jack Malice
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PostSubject: Penny Kinkaide - The Hunt For the Prize - (Solo Adventure)   Tue Aug 16, 2011 7:05 pm

((Before you can begin this adventure a player character generated bio must be posted to the forum))

The smell of smoke, blood, and fear clings to the air. A tableau of death and carnage has replaced the once bustling and active orc village. Orcs and members of the I.B.P.H. move through the wreckage searching for survivors and the remnants of their lives.

"Penny come here." Harbinger's voice cuts softly over the din of sobs and shouts of anger. A dazzed and confused Penny drops the smoldering piece of wood and steps through the milling orcs to Harbinger. She stares up silently at him; her eyes red rimmed from the smoke and her face bent from anger. "Penny I want you to go back to the complex. Have Milly let you into my office. In the top right drawer of my desk you will find a key. They Key will open a lock box in the back the bottom drawer of the grey filing cabinet. HEY! You getting all this. In the box you will find a key for a safety deposit box in a bank in London; Lloyds Banking Group head quarters branch. Go there open the box and follow the bread crumbs." Harbinger takes a deep sigh of a breath. The normally vibrant and energetic man's face shows it's true age, years of worry; bad decisions and tragedies haunts his face. "I think we are going to need some help with all this. Say nothing to anyone about your mission. Go now; go quickly." Harbinger pauses thinking, "Have Milly make you flight reservations on a commercial plane to France and take the shuttle over to London. Have her give you a corporate account card, but try and not use it, it can be traced. Stay away from using your own accounts too. Don't worry just get to the box in London and you will be o.k. Don't make contact with any European teams, you are going alone on this kid. I can't afford to let anyone else in on this. You got it." Harbinger's glare shuffles across his face as he looks at the diminutive little woman. "What are you still doing here!!!

((Once you posted your expanded player bio for Penny, you can post a response to this post. Please read the Rule section for help if you haven't done so already or contact me directly.))
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Penny Kinkaide - The Hunt For the Prize - (Solo Adventure)
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