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 Mad Scientist – Prestige Class

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Jack Malice
Jack Malice

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PostSubject: Mad Scientist – Prestige Class   Fri Aug 12, 2011 10:11 pm

Mad Scientist – Prestige Class

Some call them mad others call them geniuses. Only the future will know which the truth is. Through their superior knowledge of the physical world they twist everyday things into new and innovative ideas.

Hit dice: d6
Skills: 10+int mod

An understanding of Newton’s continuing laws, Einstein’s theories of spacial distortions, or some other advance meta-physics. The character must have the ability to perform acts of Vulgar magic. Intelligence score of least 17; A flexible mind that allows for the creation of unthinkable. A Craft Skill with a min of 7 ranks, Knowledge (Science of some kind) with a min of 7 ranks.

LevelBase Attack BonusFort SaveRef Save Will Save Defense Bonus Special
1+0+0+1+2+1Adaptable creation HP 10, Spell like Effects.
2+1+1+2+3+2Adaptable creation HP 20, Bonus Feat.
3+2+2+3+4+3Adaptable creation HP 30, Better living through Chemistry
4+3+2+4+5+4Adaptable creation HP 40, Bonus Feat, Intelligent creation
5+4+3+4+6+4Adaptable creation HP 60, Doomsday device

Class Features:

Adaptable creation: The mad Scientist can create objects through their knowledge of craft skills that can adapted to the situation at hand. Be this through living organisms or inorganic tools that can be used to perform simple tasks; example a Mad Scientist with biology and organic chemistry back ground my make a living compound that creates U/V radiation when exposed to oxygen or answers the door when the postman arrives to deliver the mail. A Mad Scientist that is trained in physics and engineering my build a sonic “screwdriver” to open all locks. A Mad Scientist with a background in computers and electronics may build a small robot that follows her verbal directions. An Intelligence check + any class levels that emphasize intelligence VS DC 20 to build and/or repair her adaptive creation. Repairs and construction time required equal to .5 hour per HP being restored to Adaptable creation or added to the creation in the case of acquiring a new level or creating a replacement Adaptive creation. The material cost for the adaptive creation is equal to 1,000 USD for ever HP added or repaired. – The Mad Scientist can make many objects but only one can be defined as her adaptive creation at a time. It must be destroyed before a second be produced. (See time requirement for building a replacement.)

Spell like Effects: The Mad Scientist can cause his Adaptable creation to emulate and basic spell like effect at any time. For example a sonic screw driver can be over loaded to shoot blasts of solid sound at an enemy. This doesn’t draw on the Mad Scientist’s life like a vulgar mage but on the item it’s self. The creation must make a saving throw + Mad scientist Level + Intelligence Modifier VS DC 15 + the number of d6 damage the effect would create. If the Adaptive creation fails the save the amount of damage the spell like effect caused to target is also applied to the adaptive creation as well. When if a Adaptive creation is reduced to zero HP it is destroyed unless it is a Intelligent Creation(See Intelligent Creation); The adaptive creation when destroyed releases all its potential energy cause 1d6 x its max number of hit points in damage to everything within a radius equal to the Adaptive creations Maximum hit points in feet. Example a level 3 Adaptive creation explodes; it will cause 1d6x30 damage to everything within a 60 foot circle.

Better Living through Chemistry: The Mad Scientist can create stimulants that allow the increase of an ability stat for short periods of time. The Stimulant lasts for 1d4 minutes + one half the Mad Scientists Level (rounded down)+ Intelligence Modifier. Only one Stimulant can be used at one time using more than one can be very hazardous to your health. As well repeated dosing can cause side effects as well for safest result the Mad Scientist should wait 30 minutes minus the subjects’ constitution modifier before administering a second stimulants duration has elapsed. The increase in stats is equal to the Mad Scientist levels rounded down. There is always the possibility of side effects to all stimulant use, most are temporary but strange things have been known to happen.

Intelligent Creation: The Mad Scientist adaptable creations start to take on personalities and intelligence of their own, gain a intelligence equal to Mad Scientist level + 1d6. The creations personality is a direct reflection of the Mad Scientists personality. An intelligent creation may not allow it’s self to be destroyed through over use of spell like effects if a Mad Scientist has abused it in the past. An intelligent creation can always be repaired if the Mad Scientist chooses to after its destruction but at a cost three times the creation of a new adaptive device.

Dooms Day Device: All Mad scientists create them. No one knows why they just do! Will it end the world or just hunt down anyone that ends the mad scientist.

Possible Side Effects:
Jitters: -2 to any skill or action that requires fine muscle control.
Rage: Forces will save to not loss temper and frenzy.
Temporary loss of a sense; Sight, tough, smell, hearing, taste.
Short term memory loss.
Vitality or wound damage.
Physical change: purple skin or hair growth.
Erectile dysfunction.
Boils and other skin irritation.
Explosive vomiting or diarrhea.
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Mad Scientist – Prestige Class
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