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 New Player Openings

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Jack Malice
Jack Malice

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PostSubject: New Player Openings   Fri Aug 26, 2011 1:24 pm

As per the inquires of an already established and approved player. There are openings for more players. These openings are for members of the I.B.P.H. or for undead creatures with in the Martin Kohl Store line.

The following are ready made and approved characters for joining IBPH:

-Juan “Big Slam” Rodriguez – The Big Guy - A Strong Hero

*Big from birth Juan grew strong and tall as the son of migrant workers. Raised in a very devote Catholic household devoted to family. His family worked hard to put their son and only legal resident of the United States through school and then through the school and Riverside Community College. After his mysterious death of his parents and aunt and uncle; Juan dropped out of graduate school and returned to the fields to help support his grandma and 2 younger cousins. Currently Juan is working the fruit and vegetable fields of southern California.

Quote: “Family is what gives me the strength to put up with this bullshit!”

-Lilly “Whispering Willow” Creeke – The Indian Shaman

*Born on a Black foot reservation in South Dakota and raised in the traditional manner of her people. Both of her parents are very powerful members of the tribal council and her grandmother is the local Medicine woman Lilly has a grounded education in her people’s ways. Attending only the reservation school and spending very little time off the Res. She has been thoroughly trained in the holistic medicines and “magic” of her people.

Quote: “Walk with the spirits and travel in safety”

(This Character completed it's prelude already... It was dropped by a player due to lack of interest - but is available for usage)

-Tatyana “The Gypsy” Vladenov – The Gun Runner
(SURVIVOR; passed the initial trials of their prelude. Will be played by Redacted) - Character canceled due to lack of player interest.

*Tatyana began her professional career as a career sergeant in the Russian army, after it became too difficult for an honest crook to make a living with the damn SSA and the Russian Mob pushing the independent operators out of the country or into a grave. She tried her hand as a run runner in Bosnia but found she disliked selling weapons to scum. Currently taking vacation Cancun relaxing and trying to let the heat cool down after making her escape from the Baltic’s in a stolen Hind-d attack chopper.

Quote: “*SNAP* Da DA! Is ok you should have told me the first time but now is ok we can go buy you new finger.”

Granted a level of hero class of their choice. Survived a small zombie infest-station created by a South American Vampire. She was bitten by the vampire and now carries the near vampire template. +1 to Strength, constitution, and charisma. Dislikes bright light sunlight, uncomfortable with true faith, and cannot enter a dwelling without an invite. No active blood thirst, yet.

Undead Characters are will be allowed on a case by case base. There are a few already available but will not be posted here cause they are in hiding and would not like their identities know at large.

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New Player Openings
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