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Jack Malice
Jack Malice

Posts : 119
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Age : 76
Location : Hell

PostSubject: Rules! OBEY ME! - READ ME FIRST!   Fri Aug 12, 2011 11:23 pm

The Rules!

The Rules are what I say they are!!!

This is the most important of all the rules. Hell really it is the only rule! This game is a hybrid D20 Modern base with my own house rules thrown in to really stir the cool-aid.

The best and easiest way to think of playing this game is to imagine it as a interactive story. Were through your actions a story is written. I post the current setting and situation and based on your character and his/her skill set you post what you would like to do. I will incorporate all player posts and tell the next part of the story.

Initiative: When a combat situation begins I will roll initiative and declare turn order. after this is posted all players have 24 hours to acknowledge the order and then 1 days to make your post. After the first round the order will remain the same until the end of combat and you will have 2 days to make your post. Please do not wait till the last minute as those in the order behind you have to wait for you to make your post and they are on the same 3 day deadline. If you fail to post within this time frame you will be skipped and you will slide down one position in the initiative order.

Your other dice rolls will be made by you, and only by using this forum's dice rolling function, which will post your results for all to see. When performing an action that requires a dice roll please post in the text of your post any of your applicable bonuses in the following format:


I kick Zach in the shins! (Roll to strike: Melee Attack Bonus: +3. You would roll the twenty sided dice in the dice function and I would add your bonuses and tell you if you succeed or fail. please list a dice order if you have multiple rolls so I know which dice belongs to what action.)

Zach watches the approaching ghoul and with a smile and a little pirouette he adjusts his tights and then blasts the ghoul back to hell with a massive conjured fire ball. (Vulgar Magic: Vulgar mage level: 2 Intelligence Mod:+4 Number of Damage dice:2d6)

Please roll your damage dice as well if you know your weapon's damage, if not you leave it for me to determine.

*Abbreviation are o.k. when giving the roll information as long as I can understand your abbreviations; gents is not a good abbreviation for Intelligence.

I please ask that all be as active as possible within the active story arc, but not so much so to blot out others, after you have made you post please allow time for others to make theirs before you rapid fire your next.

Please do not assume other players reactions, allow them to react to you on their own. No player can control another player's character. The same goes for my NPCs please do not assume their actions or responses to your actions. Please this goes without saying. Please do not post with in current story threads that you are not involved in. Feel free to view any information that is visible to you but refrain from interrupting the flow of someone else story.

During combat situation posts; please post 3 options for your character's reaction to the situation in order by highest to lowest priority. I as the the GM will select the highest priority option that is possible.

Any one involved in Character and NPC verbal interaction should try and be more active so conversations can try and stay fluid. If you fail to respond to a conversational post within 2 days of it's posting it will be assumed that you ignored the statement and I will force the game play along. If you fail within 3 days of the post during a combat interaction (within the round) I will assume that your character fails to do anything. You just lose your turn to act and I will continue on with the next action.

One last word: If i see any emoticons in a "in-character" post I will kill you, slowly.

I reserve the right to change, add, or beat people with a small wood-land creature at any time.
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Jack Malice
Jack Malice

Posts : 119
Join date : 2011-08-12
Age : 76
Location : Hell

PostSubject: Out of Character information in posts.   Thu Aug 25, 2011 10:26 pm

Any out of character information inside a in character post should be surrounded by double parentheses.


((Text of out character comment or question here))
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